Have you seen Juniors grades? (balamuthia) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Have you seen Juniors grades?

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My hair has grown a little since I cut my first set of dreads off a few months ago. I know it'll be awhile until I have the hair length to get started again, which annoys me.

Dreadlocks feel like something I really, really want to want...if that makes any sense. I feel so impatient, especially when I see all the images of long, gorgeous mature locks.

I fully plan to let my hair grow and try it again, and if the stars (and finances) are right I might even be making an appointment with the lovely lishd to start my second set. We're planning a trip to the Northwest some time in the next year, so with a little luck maybe my hair will be ready when we are.

But, yeah, just a post to say I totally envy the lovely dreadlocks on this site- and I have hope that next time around I'll be better prepared!
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