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3 month update!

HELLO brothers and sisters!
i hope all is well.
click below for the good stuff.

hello stranger
i'm paul.
today is 3 months.
my two month post can be found at
some notes on maintenance:
in the last month:
have not used wax.
have washed hair once or twice a week with knottyboy shampoo.
crocheted maybe 3 times.
applied aloe vera twice.
palm roll every other day.
this has been very very low maintenance compared to my first two months.
reasons for this is because
a) i'm not as concerned for my hair as much as i am concerned about my skin (i have been dealing with terrible skin problems!)
b) i have learned that i don't need high maintenance and that it pretty much takes care of itself on its own. thank you nature.

my face is awfully scarred due to skin problems so i very seldom let people take pictures of me.
i have the photoshop skills to get rid of them, but i'm against using photoshop to remove blemishes. so i don't.
HOWEVER, my downstairs bathroom for whatever freaking reason (i believe it is the lighting), doesn't let my scars show up a whole lot.

this is after a shower at 2.5 months.

and here's a short timeline:

BEFORE (sometime in nov. or dec. 2007 maybe)

PROCESS (the last 1.5 weeks of december 2007)

FEB 28, 2008.  2 months.

MARCH 30, 2008. 3 months. i tried to take pictures in the same positions for comparison.

hey so maybe now that i think about it, they don't look a whole lot different from 2 months old. but they feel a lot different. i can tell they are getting much much tighter. heres another picture just for fun. in the background you can spot my arizona-can-depository.

i feel bad that i counted down for my dread's 3 months but totally forgot about my 2 months of being together with my girlfriend.
she still loves me. <3

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