speakyword (speakyword) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

thinking of cutting?

so after a wash today it's becoming apparent that my breakage is showing no signs of slowing... I've been trying to be very gentle while I wait for the broken hair near the roots to grow out long enough to sew back into my dreads but the more that breaks the less hair is holding on to the dreads and it's just breaking more and more... and now there are lots of dreads which look like they might just snap off in the night. Most of the dreads in question are a little on the skinnier side and they are all the ones on the lower sides and back of my head... I'm starting to think I might not be able to save them. I'm too busy with papers and such to comb them out or anything for a week and a bit so I guess that gives me a bit of time to think about it. I know I wont be able to salvage much but I should have like the amount of my bangs in a choppy short cut.  I'm okay with it I think... and for the record I still blame the breakage on getting a crappy perm and then the cycle of breakage. I don't know, if anyone can suggest an alternative let me know, if not wish me luck!
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