Mar (emeyar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

a journey in partial dreads!

some have been asking about my partial-dreading, so here goes nothing;

the first time i ever got any sort of dread was about 4 years ago when i was clueless about dreads and was stupid enough to pay a euro for some hairstylist in madrid to make one single dread in my hair;

i dont even remember the method. she barely backcombed it and put nasty amounts of wax. very stupid.
at the time tho, i thought it looked SUPER COOL;

so that dread obviously barely worked out . had some maintenance done by some dreaded friends and then i sort of neglected it for a while. which was bad because it mixed with the rest of my hair so i cut off some parts and just had a lil stub for a while. i had no idea what i was doing!

fast forward to some years later (after on and off partial baby dreads that never fully worked out) and i go on my usual dreading rampage. i used to have A LOT of hair (as visible in the first pic) but after another terrible hair experience in spain (for all those other europeans who can relate to the crazy hair dressers and trendy haircuts in this area) my hair was thinned out and cut into a mullet (which sort of ended up being cool sometimes) but i lost a ridiculous amount of hair.

anyways, i started off some partials dreads again, the bottom of my hair (which, with the length i wanted, meant only three dreads but its a great number!)
no wax, just straight up messy backcombed dreads. this is fun for a while except they will start messing with the rest of your straight hair, and with eachother, so luckily i had an ex-dreaded friend do some maintenance and separated/crocheted then and my dreads finally became three and just the bottom of my hair. and here are some pictures!:

first dread, pre-neglection and shrinkage:

three dreads; needle work:

three little birds:

(you can tell the first one is the oldest )

and the fun stuff:

sometimes ill wear my hair up and tie them like that

or use them to tie my hair;

but i usually just have my hair up and them down. most people dig it;

i would dread more but my hair is too thin and three dreads is all i could fit on the bottom half of my hair. and theyve become my fatties.
of course im gonna do my whole head eventually, but im gonna wait till my hair grows way more. and for now im just having fun with three fatties.

hope this was somewhat enjoyable!
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