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Showing off just a couple of dreads & theme pics!

Alright, here's one I haven't seen posted lately, but if I'm wrong, show me where plz k lovaya.

I only have two dreads. My hair is barely down to my shoulders, and I couldn't wait for it to grow out any longer, so I've got one tucked behind my left ear and one on the upper right back side of my head (on the crown). Problem-- they're barely visible and I want my dreads to be glowing with that effervescent loveliness that only dreads can manage! They're under layers upon layers of hair, and even when I tie them up in a ponytail they blend in with my hair. I want them to shine!

If you're like me and you only have a couple of dreadlocks, how do you show them off?

And here are my theme pictures and for good measure, a picture of my first full set

This is Henri, he has feline autism, he's walleyed and has no center of balance and is the light of my life.

Jules, his brother-- all black and lives up to the stereotype of owning a black cat. He is BAD LUCK!

This is my first full set of dreads from my sophomore year of college-- I didn't even have this photo on hand, I found it in one of the hair photobuckets on madradhair! That's a compliment I guess :)
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