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Today my dreadies are 2 weeks old. I just wanted to post a few pictures that are a little bit better than my first ones.

I love them because although I'm not a particularily spiritual person in practice, I am in mindset. My dreads kind of feel like they fulfill this silent part of me and visually articulate my love of nature. They sort of feel like roots that ground me.

The story of my dreads is that I went through a time in the summer of 2002 where I broke free of a person who I was dependent on. I found my independence, and began to express myself as the person I really was. A good, but also very painful period of self discovery and detatchment. A reprioritizing of my life. At this time I also discovered Buddhism, which I dabble in a bit. The part of it that spoke the most to me was of respect. For other peoples, living creatures, our environment. It was at this time that the idea of dreads occured to me, but my hair was too short. So I patiently grew it out for a little over a year and now I have my dreads. Which are sort of like a closure to that time.

I really appreciate this community and everyone in it. They are respectful, helpful, interesting, and all enlightening in their own way. Thanks everyone for helping me with advice and taking the time to read my posts.

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