Lou (louloucazoo) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hello lovelies

first time i've been able to get on here in a while so heres a story for you:
basically last weekend my house burnt down, well more specifically my upstairs burnt down, luckily my family and me are ok though sadly some of my pets didnt make it :(
I have spent literally every evening since trying to get the smell of burnt plastic out of my dreads ...
very not easy, finally found a solution :]
I sprayed a product called "oust" on my hair, its suposedly a "odour eliminater" it worked kindof, but then my hair just smelled of carpet... so I found an elaborate solution to getting my hair to smell nice again:
Using clips i attatched the end of all my dreads to a wire coat hanger, then hung this to the shelf behind a couch, i placed to of my favourite (nag champa+patchouli) incense sticks burning in a cup directly under neath my hair .
Now they smell lovely :)

you can see my friends dreads alot better than mine in this... i dont even know what my facial expression is about.

Wibble in his tree, he was a year old rescued royal python. (RIP)

the flash kinda wiped out his face abit here.

my cat in a box... (RIP)

Kevin the corn snake, she luckily avoided the fire, I gave her to my friend Beanie a few days before because I found it hard to deal with a snake with such a dodgy temperament

the boyfriend and the dog, Lee and Toby... almost interchangeable

Gimpy the pug, the poor love only has 1 eye, shes very timid around men and shows no marks that the injury might have been from an animal so we reckon her old owner did it.
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