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one month + alittle

first i wanna thank everyone who commented on my last post, which is

i stopped covering my hair at night and stopped doing just about anything with them as per everyone's advice...other than washing/drying them that is. for right now i am pretty much neglecting them, except for the random palm rolling every once in a while.

i made it alittle past one month so far and just wanted to show them off. i have a hard time telling whether or not they are actually progressing, but one month is a short time so i don't expect anything yet. 

first 2 @ 27 days.
i took out the rings when someone told me it could be bad to have them in before dread maturation

after another washing

just over one month
Back View


Making It look nice for a business meeting. - Ofcourse I am sure that they still only saw my hair and didn't hear a word i said. It did seem as though they were staring at it the whole time. But i didn't want to have to cover it.

I'm not a big makeup fan, but if I'm going to put it on, then it is going to be black eyeliner on my eyes and lips.

The Back View with my dreads tied up!

yes, I know that the makeup looks funny. this was in the middle of doing makeup for an event i was going to be dancing at. i couldn't help it the makeup was supposed to look a certain way. but i love it and can't help but laugh at myself when i look at it.

another pic from the same makeup extravaganza. i love this pic though. and how the flash reacted.

thank you thank you. unfortunately i don't have any pets to take pics with right now. phooey
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