Amanda (maynda) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Hi, I'm a lurker. Question: for those who use or have used rubber bands, what sort have you tried? Have you experienced this issue below?

I have white blonde bleached hair. (I'm in my 5th month.) Initially, I secured a few in the back with black rubber bands. My goal was to section out the ones with the potential of becoming much too messy and let the rest naturally dread themselves, with which I'm had much success. Anyway, the contrast of the black bands against my color was so stark that I switched to clear after the first week. Since, I've noticed I have a nasty subtle black residue on the half-dozen dreads which I secured with those black rubber bands. I believe the oils in my hair broke down some of the rubber and it sank into my dreads.

I thought it important to let others know - maybe some of you out there have dark hair and are unable to see this nasty side-effect. A good friend with dreads has said she's found whole melted chunks of black rubber (from the same style bands) fused with her dreads months down the line. Yeesh.

I haven't taken a photo specifically to showcase the issue but grabbed this one from a timeline deal and feel it gives a fair example. In bright daylight it's more visible than on my camera with flash shown here.

Any suggestions for removing the gunk? I tried separating it a bit and then pawing at it to no avail.

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