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well, a month or so ago i decided to go for dreads again, and i started backcombing my hair. but i wanted to do it alone and doing the back of it just got too difficult, so i gave up for the time being.

this time i've finally decided to go the natural way. this will be i think my 4th attempt at dreads. 1st one was a total fluke, 2nd time lasted 6 months, 3rd time described above. this is the first time i'll have tried just letting my hair knot on its own.

my question for you all, and i'm sure it's been discussed in previous posts that i don't have the energy to look for, who here has dreaded their hair by simply not brushing? and how long did it take before your hair started to transform? and, anything else relevant since i love hearing about dreads in general :-D

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