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remember me?

hi, i'm reba.

i started combing out my dreads in October it took me until ...January to finish. i had them for a year and a month or two, the ones closer to the top of my head i had for a year and a half.

the summer before i started combing them out they looked like this:
bad photo, but hey, theme points! that's Eloise, by the way.

this is my boyfriend, he has dreads too but his have formed well, almost naturally... i tried to convince him but he kept asking me to backcomb them and work on them, ooh well. More pictures of his hair later, it's coming along quite nicely.

Anyway, i sort of got lazy around the end of October, i don't even think i had half my head done and then i ended up moving and getting a new [horrible] job and was too unenthused to do any hair things so i was doomed to rock a drullet of sorts.
this is probably the best picture i have of this stage. And that is Genre, my other rat. (pronounced like 'music genre')

more Genre.

When my hair was finally done it was very soft and though i did end up with balls and balls of hair and gunk, i still had a headfull of hair. The key is to comb instead of rip and because of this i was the only one who worked on my head because i just didn't trust anyone else. but it was very soft and had developed a sort of wave which needed to be accentuated with gell and spray and scrunching and if i didn't do that then it had to be straightened or put up or something because i just didn't like it.
when i did like it it looked like this:
as you can see, i kept one dread in the frontish, it has 2 beads on it that my friend Megan gave me and i'm rather fond of Megan.

It was pretty cool having hair again but also became kind of a burden, my showers/bathroom time got longer and i felt like it was too small for my head most of the time. i got a lot of complements on it though, most people liked it better but unfortunetly for them i re-did my dreads on Sunday.
i had planned on waiting until the end of the summer when my hair had gotten longer but i dunno, something about the sunshine and the front portch on my new apartment made me want to sit there and have dreads so badly that i just said fuck it.

i'm really really excited about this set because
a) i knew what i was doing with placement and whatnot this time. i made thinner dreads where i had wished for them before and thicker ones where i knew they wouldn't bother with sleeping too much.
b) my hair is longer this time. last time i had extensions in my hair for a long time and i think they caused a buildup of nasty at the end of each dread. also they inhibited me from experiencing alot of the funny beginning dread stages.
c) they already seem to be taking very well. before i did them i washed them with Dudu-Osun soap which is very grease stripping and drying and abrasive and brown.
but seriously, i think it's very happy to be dreaded again. i just washed it today with zero problems and it's only been 3 days. (photos are pre-wash, if you care)

but now it's time to make dinner and smoke weea*hem..
peace and love.

p.s. props to the layout maker, i dig.
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