zielpiraat (zielpiraat) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

starting over.

hi everyone,
i've made two desperate posts on gudu in the past regarding my current set of dreads. i've struggled with them for two months now and my friends and i decided it's time to just start over. they were never sectioned in the beginning, were backcombed in weird angles, i didn't know how to take care of them, and at this point i feel like they've served me as nothing more than a crash course and i need to start over the right way. i've learned a lot just by trying to keep them intact and i hope that my second set (which i'll be starting over april break) will be more successful.

if anyone has any advice or optimistic words i'd really appreciate it. thanks in advance. i love and admire you all and hope i look as badass as you someday. :)

i may be overanalyzing this, but in regards to what i said about my dreads having been backcombed in odd angles, is there a certain way you should be dreading it..? i know that most people begin with their dreads sticking straight out, and they manage to settle in to a comfortable position...a bunch of mine tend to flip to the side and such because i didn't particularly do that. advice? :S
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