earthygirrl (earthygirrl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Wishing I had a cat....but none the less....

I've been a member long before I started my dreads when I was shy and had synth dreads first.  :) Loved those. Can't wait till my hair grows out to that length!....which was about mid-chest.

So hello!!!. I'm Tieara, chicago, 27, and I love how abstract I am......

My dreads are about eight months old. Yippie!

The begining. August  07 I think....about three months to a month after I started my dreads.

September 07

March 08

  Yeah...super small....

Silly..silly me....

And then I dyed it......  *Big Smiles*   I  fucking love color!  April 07

Take a trip with me.....

My lips look REALLY big here.......yeah.....their not....

I'm so pleased with the way my dreads have grown. I never want them to look neat and perfect like many black people I see. I love them for there imperfectness......

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