groins (groins) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hello, again.

I seriously doubt you guys remember me, but I've been here before!
I'm Caroline.  I'm 18.  I currently live in Wisconsin, but lived in Denmark, and am moving to New Zealand, so dreadheads around the world, rejoice?  I had dreads, I cut them off, I stopped brushing my hair in September, and now I'm here.
I've got a mess of crappy dreads and a lot of loose hair right now, but damnit, I'm feeling good about it, and maybe you will, too.  And maybe there's someone out there who wants to believe that some dopey white kid can have some dopey white kid dreads without putting a whole bunch of product or labor into their hair.  I think people would like to hear that.

But you don't care.  Here are some pictures!

Do you see them?!  Knots?!

I work in a flower shop.

HOLY COW!  My head totally did that all by itself!

And I have a face that looks kind of like that, if you wanted to know.
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