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I brushed out the first two I put in because they were too thin for my liking. Trial & error does seem to work. I've put three more in, at the nape of my neck & I love them already. I loved the first two, but these are so much better than those. They're thicker & so much tighter than the others. I have plans of doing my whole head, but I'm taking my time & doing a few at a time.
Speaking of future dreading, I have a problem. It took me about three hours to do the three I have now because of my wrist. I work as a barista & that has caused a pretty awful case of carpal tunnel in my right hand/wrist. Back combing caused some severe pain because of the repetitive motions, so I was curious to know if anyone lived in/close to/whatever Myrtle Beach, SC & would be willing to help out in a month or so. My girlfriend has offered to, but she doesn't really know anything about the process & she's not here at the moment for me to teach her or let her know. So anyways, just let me know.

I love the way they curl at the end. It reminds me of a snail.
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