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Update with a couple pictures.

My test dread's about a month and a half old now.

As per this post, I started up my test dread while trying to fall asleep. I never expected it to work as well as it did.

Meanwhile, I'm assuming with my job (particularly, the bosses), I wouldn't be able to have a set of dreads. However, a month and a half after the starting of the test dread, nobody's mentioned it in conversation, nobody's asked me or told me to get rid of it. All I'm waiting for now is for the spare time to just go ahead with it. (And, perhaps, the nerve.)

Because I have to wash my hair basically everyday, that indeed means I've been washing the dread everyday, too. It's starting to actually feel less like straight hair, and more like a dread, which is good. I dyed my hair a couple weeks ago, and I know it was detrimental to Tim, the test dread, but he recovered. =D

Since I didn't use a proper comb to form it, it's really turning out to be a "natural" dread, especially since I do wash almost everyday.

On with the pictures!


And against the rest of my hair


Complete side note: my birthday's on the 10th! =D
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