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a recent dread experience

a little background before my story: I'm 23. I have had my dreads since may of 2002. i live with my boyfriend and his family. i dont have a job, but am currently looking. last night my boyfriend and i went out to dinner with my parents. at the end of dinner my dad pulled me aside and proceeded to tell me that he would pay for me to get my hair 'fixed' because i need to 'conform'. with tears in my eyes i told him that i couldn't just go in and get it brushed out, that the only way would be to cut them out, and that doesn't cost any money. he's older (almost 60) and of course doesn't understand (or even have the desire to) why i have my hair the way i do. so what should i do. should i cut them and get extensions put in which would cost a hell of a lot. or leave them. i love them. some days i want to cut them though. i have been trying to get a job but i haven't gone on any interviews yet so i can't see how i can get rejected because of my hair when they haven't even seen it yet, not to mention how i work. but not that that would have anything to do with getting a job. so anyway. what would you do? i need advice from people that are in my situation. p.s. i live in southern california in the desert and i'm the only dreadie for miles
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