Kelly Danielle Morgan (hamburgerhop) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Kelly Danielle Morgan

It's finally starting to feel like spring!

It's currently 60 degrees here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I absolutely love it.
It's about damn time it starts to feel like spring!

I celebrated by taking pictures in my backyard.

[^Yesterday still a little damp from washing.]

And these are all from today. It's gorgeous outside!

[^Bagel and I <3]

[^I went inside for a refreshment. These things are ahh-mazing.]

[^Bagel drinking out of the baby pool. Awww.]

[^Cinnamon enjoying the sun and warmth.]

And last, this used to be a big field behind my house full of beautiful pine trees. Even just last year. But they pulled a Lorax and cut down allll the trees to build some Christian inner-city home or something. I don't even know. I miss that field.

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