pixie___masque (pixie___masque) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

what dreads are to me

 im having some personal thoughts on dreads and wanted to share with you all.....
dreads for me make a huge statement.  and more about myself than anyone else really.  but for me i feel as if having dreadlocks is a very spiritual journey.  maybe spiritual is the wrong word but its the strongest i could come up with.  its such a process.  i feel like its a way to shed old skin and better the self....become one with the spirit.  and maybe thats why i have yet to keep mine for a while.  i wanted dreads for a while and am thinking hard on getting them again.  and for me dreads have also felt this way.  i dont know perhaps i just read too much into things.....anyway...next week im dying my hair blond and i think i'll dread.
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