Sierra Nevada (zyzzyx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sierra Nevada

so yesterday i went to bamboozle left and this one girl
came up to me, tapped my shoulder, and said "i know this is
really random but your hair is so cool. can i touch it?"
it made me giggle.

for the past 2.5 weeks i've been asked the same question
atleast 3 times a day. "so what? you can't take a shower anymore?"
i just look at them and say "don't be foolish" -_-

anyway.. on to the pictures :)

sal and i.
he's in my favorite band, The Sleeping.

HannaBeth. I have no clue why I have a picture with her but she's cute.

mason musso

trace cyrus. it's so crazy how much he looks like his sister.

blake and myself.

anthony and i

me & the sleeping + thomas from the fall of troy.
that was the greatest moment of my life, btw.
i've been wanting and trying to see them for the past 4 years
and i finally got to see them yesterday. i specifically went just for them
and it was so worth it :)
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