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Dye Question

Hey everyone...

Hoping you can give me some advice or redirect me on how to go about doing this... 

I've got brown hair right now.  My natural color is sandy blonde, and I've been dying for the past 4 or 5 years.  It's been purple, red, brown, blue-black, black.  Before I dyed it red, it was black, and so I applied one session of bleach to it... and then dyed it brown again because it did not look good.  As a result I've now got faded brown hair with a redish tint, with my natural sandy blonde roots coming in.

I want to go back to my natural, sandy blonde hair. 

I've read the memories, and various other sites, and read lishd's guide on dying hair.  But they seem to all pertain to bleaching hair with the intent to dye it another color overtop (it's very possible that I could be missing something, and that the information I've read can be used for my situation).  I just want to get as close to my natural sandy blonde as possible.  Is it possible to go back to your natural color without bleaching?  If I bleached I'd still be left quite far away from my natural color.

Would it work if I just kept dying it a blonde overtop to slowly lighten it a few shades until I'm relatively close to my own color?  I read that this is possible but I don't know if it only works on virgin hair.

I'm hoping that I don't have to grow my hair out.... It's just past my shoulders.  

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