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Introducing myself, and pictures of baby dreads.

Hello. Another newbie here. I thought I would politely introduce myself before I started commenting on other posts!

I first attempted dreadlocks about 5 and a half years ago, when I was very naive and foolish. I had read online how to make dreads, and ordered a knotty boy starter kit. However, I was too impatient to wait for the postman, and too lazy to backcomb my hair. So I literally just sectioned off my hair and covered it in brylcreem wax. Pretty stupid idea. Anyway my knotty boy package arrived a few days later, so I discarded the soap, and just caked the wax on top of the horrible waxy mess that I already had. Needless to say this set of dreads didn't last very long, maybe a week at the very most, before I realised how stupid I looked and began the very long, messy, and painful process of washing it out. You don't need a picture of that, I'm sure you can imagine what long, un-knotty, waxy hair looks like!

So anyway, my girlfriend and I started this set of dreads a little over a week ago. They are very much a work in progress - we've been doing about 8 - 12 dreads a day between us, her taking the back and me taking the front. She also sectioned my hair for me and braided it, as I have super fine, poker straight hair. I had read elsewhere online that this makes straight hair easier to dread, and I think it definately makes a difference.

Around half of dreads are covered in knotty boy at the moment - I realise now from reading a lot of the memories posts on here that this was probably a big mistake, and all of the dreads that we have done since yesterday when I found this place are wax free. They seem much better and "thicker" than the ones that we covered in wax, though I think it would be a good experiment to see if or how they mature differently.

Some of the "older" (if you can say that after a week!) dreads have had their first wash, and I really liked the way they looked after this. Though now I think about it, it was probably because some of the wax had washed off them! Dr Bronners was the way I went - I did some reading online and then trawled around Manchester (England) looking for a specialist dread soap, which I didn't find, though now I'm glad because it would probably have cost me £10 ($20) rather than £2.50 ($5)

The hair that I have dreaded was probably about 6 inches long - the sides of my mohawk haven't grown out enough yet, and though I tried to a dread or two on that part of hair, it didn't really work. Obviously the "waxy" looking dreads are the older ones, and the "fluffy" ones are either a day old or a few hours old. I hope to get the bottom ones at the back (only 12 to go!) finished by tomorrow, girlfriend's willingness pending... 

Onto the photos anyway - it seems I have very shaky hands today, sorry.

After the first wash on thursday:

Today - View from the side:

Top of my head today:

Some more flufflies today:


PS - I notice a pet theme here as well. I have a MASSIVE black cat who I think the world of, expect him to be in the next photos :-D
Edited - photo of cat now included.

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