"better keep an eye on your boys- (gaggedandbound) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
"better keep an eye on your boys-

pictures and pictures!

i know the pet theme has been going on for some time now, but only recently did i actually have a pet to take pictures with. :)

his name is oliver. i found him a few weekends ago, up in the mountains. it was love at first sight:

(yes, i know- crooked septum jewelry! D: )

we chatted for a bit:

and fed him some cheezburger:

the next morning we had an impromptu photoshoot on the porch:

and he tried to climb a tree after a bird...

but realized he couldn't get down. XD

he ended up sliding down the branches on his butt until i caught him.

that was pretty exhausting, so he had a nap. check out the curling-up progression:

then i brought him home!

this is his favorite place to sit when i won't let him sit on my head:

and we are happy. :D

also, some random photo-age of the hair, plus

myspace lulz/hooray for wake'n'bake:

bad shot from this morning:

and the five new dreadies i made the other night out of the hair i've been growning out from my bangs:

and that's all, folks! :D
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