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mini time-line of sorts?

Hello to all you lovely people of GUDU!
I'm really loving having dreads but sometimes I don't want to deal with the stigma that goes with them. I went to a well dodgy pub the other weekend and was really nervous about getting shouted at, because that's happened loads before, I've even had rubbish chucked at me. I got inside and was so relieved to see about 6 other dreadheads. I actually felt safer in one of the most skanky pubs I've been in in my life than any other place. Weird. 
Enough rambling. Happy Tuesday! Pictures!

This is my hair about two or three months before I dreaded it (to give an idea of length then and now).

It took me ages to figure out how to get pictures off my phone... so here is my first day of dready goodness! 31/12/2007. If I wear that headband now I swear I look like a rabbit! Weird question, I managed to make the border on this picture black somehow but all the other ones go blue. How do I change the colour of the border?
69 days old. Yay for posing at a jaunty angle!

I went a bit bead crazy just for the novelty really. I'm now bead free and loving it!
78 days old, just letting nature take its course.
The back at 78 days. It was a rainy day but I don't mind the fuzzies.
This is today. My head in mid swing for some reason...Dreadlocks- because I'm worth it.
The only beads I've now got in my dreads are those three. 
They are 107 days old today! I'm not sure why I'm counting in days... I think its just easier to figure out when I post randomly. (Excuse my weird eyes in this one, the sun, lovely as it is today, got in them.) At least I'm half smiling in the photos today!

My new tam just came through the door! Yay! It must be a sign that it wants its picture taken! 
I am happy!
Much love to all of you good people. ^_______^

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