Liar Liar (soulfulfiend) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Liar Liar

hello, friends!
ive a got a little bit of a question for you.
im leaving on a family vacation to Hawaii in 5 days and im wondering if my 1 month old dreads will withstand surfing, snorkeling, swimming, etc for a week straight?
is there anything i can/should do to minimize the beating?

also: how many of you dreadheads out there do NOT have a full head of dreads?
i originally left my bangs brushable and by some gnarly twist of fate, about 1/3 of the back of my head is undreaded. i always wear my my dreads down and my brushable hair in a ponytail. at some point, im probably going to redread the back of my hair, but for now, im really digging it the way it is.

yessss.... pictures.

dreadswing! you can see my undreaded hair in the back.

thanks, guys. see you around!
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