milk ♥ (pussyfoott) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
milk ♥

so basically last week i realized that i'm not ready to "commit" to any hair style really. i change my hair once a month so i pretty much decided real dreads aren't for me. i had them for about 3 months and in that time i combed my bangs out, extended them at one month, and dyed them pink. so yeah, last thursday i combed them all out. it was fairly easy as i'm used to combing out mega knots when i took out my synth dreads. anyway, mini time line of sorts...

one day

one week

2 weeks +

about 1 month +

about 2 and a half months i think :/

about 3 + months (i started to lose count at like 1 month haha)

that's like the last pic of my dreads.

and most recent pics, synth dreads:

i enjoyed it while it lasted. and i will probably dread my hair again when i grow out of the "change my hair all the bloody time" phase. my boyfriend is currently growing his hair out for his third set of dreads so i'll probs stick around here and post pics when that happens.

peace out!
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