Kelly Danielle Morgan (hamburgerhop) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Kelly Danielle Morgan

I needed change.

Sad news, GUDU. I combed out my dreads. They were 5 months old.
I loved them. I just needed a change. I can never stick to one thing, and I never seem to be happy with what I have or where I'm at for too long.
So I am dreadless ... almost. There are around 10 in the back/under layers of my hair that I still haven't combed out. Maybe I'll keep those in. I don't know.

I'll probably go back to a full head of dreads again one day. They're still one of the most beautiful things on earth to me.

[Pictures coming soon, if anyone is interested.]

Have a beautiful day, all. It sure is gorgeous here in Grand Rapids. 74 degrees and so much sun <3
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