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So I Was Thinking.

Hi, I'm Laney. I've wanted dreads for awhile, but my mother was never to hot about the idea, but I've done so talking, I think I've convinced her that it'll be all good.

I have a few questions, and I'd love it if you'd take the time to answer them if you get the chance.

1) I got almost all of my hair off this summer, but it's started to grow, and I'd say I have a good 5 to 6 inches on my head. I've heard that the minimum length for dreads is 3 or 4 inches. Should I let my hair grow a little more before I start the process?

2) How did you get your dreads? What was the easiest, or hardest part about getting them?

3) A friend of mine with dreadlocks said that his scalp "feels healthier" since he got his dreadlocks about a year ago. How does your scalp feel?

4) What's the best part about having your dreadlocks?

5) Any hints, tips, or warnings?

I'd love any response.
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