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EEk Dilemma....

Hi All.
I was wondering if anyone had used the 'deep cleaning' recipe in the memories on their dreads to get rid of wax residue?

My dreads are 2 years old, and for the first...4-6 months I used wax, probably once  month. At the time, I was totally under the impression that I should (until I found this journal that is).

Recently, my dreads ahave changed a lot. They're more rounded, and tubular, and it means all the lumps and bumps have started sucking in. Yay for maturing! Boo for waxyness :( Some of the old wax is still in there in allit's funky badness and its started to come out. I don't know how to get rid of it. It's impossible to pick out and well, taking ym dreads out is NOT a possibility. If they come out, I probably won't put them back in. They took soooo long to not up, (9 months) that I wouldn't want to do that.

I wondered what the possibility of that deep cleansing + lots of boiling water (obviously not directly on my head, that would hurt) would be in terms of getting rid?
I feel I should also mention my dreads are pretty much rock solid, so they take a good soaking.

My only other possibility is chopping the bottom 4 inches off, cause that's where the Wax is.... :(

Timeline should be coming within the nxt 4-5 weeks. Sorry it takes so long, I have Uni work due in and it's hecticccc

TIA xx

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