Dirty Hippy (safetypin_art) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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I've had 2 sets of dreads in the past-I loved my second set, my first set not so much.
I gotten rid of the second set due to wanting to change and I felt like I grew out of them. Now recently my boyfriend of 3 years told me the other day that he hated them-he went into detail about he wasn't attracted to me when I had them and so on. Ever since we had that conversation I started thinking about getting another set done-this time for longer than 1 year. I'm just afraid that my boyfriend will totally go ballistic on me. I know that I should let him tell me how to wear my hair but sometimes I feel like I should honor his opinion. What should I do...
Also is there anybody near Syracuse, NY who would be willing to help me start my dreadies if I decide to go forth on this??

THanks in advanced!
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