loreleidotcom (loreleidotcom) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

"Fake" Dreads

I kind of have a mostly shaved head right now, but I'm really getting tired of styling the mohawk every day.  I had heard the term "Fake Dreads" at some point, and I was wondering about those.  Pretty much everything about them, in fact.  How they would be made, what of, installation, recommended length, cost, removal, care, and pretty much everything about them.  I'm clueless here.  A problem I foresee with everything hair related: it's naturally curly.  Very.  Like, corkscrews Shirley Temple curls that are really not as fun as one would imagine.  Also, in about a month I will be going to Costa Rica with my Spanish class and as such, be able to look good enough for a teenager to not be insecure, but be low maintenance enough to...be low maintenance.  At this point I'm pretty much ou of options short of *gasp!* GROWING my hair out.  I have bangs and a mohawk that I can straighten every day and other than that, it's buzzed to an inch.

Just wondering.
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