Teri (onehipwinner) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hey, i just joined this community for some help... i sorta want dreads....but I'm getting some no's... for example, a best friend:
Magictuesday: that would be hideous
tericarl: and whys that. tell me every reason why i shouldnt
Magictuesday: and you shouldnt do it . . .because they wouldnt fit your face or your style and theyre nasty and 2 months later when you dont want them anymore youll have to cut all of your hair off

Magictuesday: umm theyre pretty much tangled hair and dirt
tericarl: they're clean..
Magictuesday: i dont like them on girls . . .only on guys

tericarl: why would they look bad on me
Magictuesday: they're gross . . .you have to not wash your hair for like three months to have good ones.
Magictuesday: theyd make you look butch

Magictuesday: and theyd be shorter because your hair is already pretty short and youd look like a sheep dog and wouldnt be able to pull them back very easily
Magictuesday: not if you want good ones. . . believe me.the real deal is not clean

Magictuesday: just dont get them . . .its all around a bad idea
Magictuesday: i thought about getting them myself.
Magictuesday: and then i weighed the pros and cons and considered reality

Magictuesday: and i dont want to have to cut off all my hair when im done with them and have to grow out
Magictuesday: and you would look more professional trying to get a job
Magictuesday: which you need a job
Magictuesday: and most importantly . . . .you wouldnt look like some lame hipster

Magictuesday: you wouldnt become jamaican .. .youd be a lame college kid with dread locks to go with your piercings and tattoos
Magictuesday: hipster

Magictuesday: youd look ridiculous
Magictuesday: like japanese people trying to be all american
Magictuesday: wearing cowboy hats and whatnot
tericarl: everyone loves the japanese
Magictuesday: yeah . . .but youre not japanese
Magictuesday: not by a longshot
Magictuesday: and we do not live in tokyo
Magictuesday: theyre asian . . .theyre allowed. . . .no, teri, youre definitely american. i mean, youre catholic

Magictuesday: thats what people think when they see dreadlocks . . .phish head that doesnt shower, and probably doesnt even like phish' music
tericarl: what if i don't care what people think?
tericarl: what if I just think they're pretty

So, here's some pictures of me behind the cut... a variety of them.... and let me know. my hair is al ittle short right now... so maybe wait??

These are the most recent ones.....

Should I grow the hair out? Should I forget about it? Or what would look better? I trust you all!!
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