sioko (sioko) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I haven't posted in a while. I've been uber busy with LIFE and a job has come out of no where and is trying to eat me alive with other job offers, and my bro. band is back together (that's him with the red guitar right in front of me) so they have me doing T-shirt art again and, and, and, and, AND! I'm BUSY!

But anyway, someone caught me at a show recently and it shows what my dreads are up to sorta. My hair is getting bigger it seems.... yay! Shortly after this shot, a huge mosh broke out and I had to run and hide behind the amps (can't risk getting moshed in my condition you know (^_~) Then I got asked to about 30 dif. acid parties. All these kids are under 17, and this is just 2wks after a kid high on I forget how many hits decided he was GOD, left this particular club and threw himself through plate glass windows at a guitar store down the street (yes he was hamburger after) and proceeded to play like the Who and smash as many guitars as possible before the cops tazed, maced, and beat him into stopping. There was blood EVERYWHERE! My bro works there as a teacher and showed me the aftermath. Ugh, horror movie....
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