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Greetings all! Long time lurker and first time poster here. My name's Heather and I'm from da U.P. (Michigan).

So I've been pondering dreads for many many years. Seven years actually. Timing has always seemed to be an issue with acquiring dreads, and the simple lack of knowledge. I've been reading all of your lovely posts here on GUDU for roughly a year and a half or so now. Can't fully recall how long exactly, but within this time I have learned so much from you all! A few months ago I ran into a friend of mine at school, and he started to talk about dreads, and of course I started to badger him on how he was going to go about it. I ended up sending him to the memories section of this lovely community, and once he did some reading, he started his own set! They're quite fun...I'll have to convince him to post some day ; )

Anyways, I was getting the jealousy bug. I told him that I was thinking about getting them as well, so of course he did the wonderful thing of "Dude! Just do 'em!" Peer pressure, I tell ya. I wasn't about to do them myself, so he came over one day, sat down on my couch, and grabbed some of my hair. A few hours later, I had 13 baby dreads! To bad I had a band gig at a hockey game, so we didn't have time to finish my head. Being very lopsided (most of my dreadlings were on the left side of my head) I threw on a head band and headed to where I needed to go.

Please forgive the wonky quality. I've mainly been using photobooth on my mac, seeing as the only digicam we currently have takes even poorer quality photographs : (

Pre dread creepsterness.

The first 13, born March 9th.

Silly sectioning!

This was fun an all, but the lopsidedness was killing me! Not to mention it was driving my boyfriend bonkers : P It wasn't until March 31st or April 1st (I can't remember!) That the next batch was completed. It was another week or two until my buddy came by again and dreaded my temple hairs and two more random patches. I still have a lot of my bottom hair that needs to be dreaded, but we're waiting until it gets a bit longer, seeing as though my hair is very fine and quite stubborn against dreading in the back ; )

^I rather enjoy being a creepster. I think having a creepster twin would be fun!

This past Wednesday the university orchestra had a concert (I play da bass, donchyano?) and I felt as if I needed to contain the amazingness that is the uncontrollable frizz of my head. Not to mention my mother was coming, and we have yet to touch the subject of what I've done to my head. It's been a long week and just didn't feel like dealing with it yet! After finals we'll get to that...anyways! This is what I did!

I'm pretty suave, eh?

Ha, yeah...I didn't think so either.

Earlier last week I also received my order from InfiniteComosGirl on Etsy! Two little frogs by the name of Gigi and Dale!!!


And this is Dale!!!

Unfortunately, Dale is too big for even Bertha.
Dale must wait until she starts to devour things other than rice. (Side story: I had falling asleep on the couch the night my friend had put in the second group of dreads...I had left a bowl that still had rice in it at one end of the couch and was sleeping on the other 2/3. Apparently Bertha had managed to flop herself into the bowl of rice. Cam, my boyfriend, failed at taking a picture of it! At least he feels bad about it, hehe.)

So, yeah! That's me. The dreadlings are waxless and are currently getting washed about every other day or so with head and shoulders. It's a bit excessive, and I will be trying to spread it out soon, but I'm still quite compulsive about the washing! Also, once I find time, I'll be meandering down to the co-op to pick up some Dr. Bronner's. Maintenance? I let that shit be, unless they manage to unwind themselves about half way or more, then I do a bit of rip and twisting. Nothing terribly excessive. All of 'em were started with backcombing.

Enough rambling from me for now!

Stay wonderful everyone : )
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