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Long awaited....

....Time line!!!

Fuzzy, hagrid style medium long brown hair.
This was about 6 month pre-dread, it grew fast and was lower back length when I got them done.
Convieniently, this was shot straight after cut + feathered my hair, so no frizz :)

Day 3.
No day 1+ 2 though, due to camera shortage and too much frizz.

The dreading process:
Backcombed, and banded, using wax.

Unfortunately, my friend who did them had hers done the same way, and whilst she continued to use wax I found this communtiy about 4 months in and stopped.
I am currently in the process of digging out and evicting the old residue. It is muchos difficult.

Teaches you to do the research first tho, kids!
She backcombed them reaaaalll tight, so they looked pretty good early on. Then they got strigny.
About 2 months:

Not that good pics, but it's better then 0.

About 3-4 months:

Very long, they had barely knotted up which explains it. And quite thin at this stage.

Added some purple schmurple thread/wrap, which didn'tlast long. My hair started to eat it so it had to go.
I have a feeling there's some still being decomposed in my hair though, which is gross, but I can't see it anywhere.

About 5-6 Months.
Started to knot up, but only a bit by this point.

5-9 Months.

A lot of the 6-9 months are picture-less, partly due to me having no camera, and it being summer holidays where m friends moved away, (so
no borrowing theirs).
As well as that they were VERY stringy, got a bit greasy, but DID get knotty.
It was a very long, patience testin process, knotting my hair, but I see it as proof that even the hair that you think will never dread,
eventually does.

So, I bought soke glass beads to spruce it up and celebrate!
These are all from the 5-9 Month period, in as best chrono order as poss:

You can see they slowly gert shorter which can only mean one thing...knottyness!
At the time, it didn't seem to be so, I thought they'd come to stalemate and would never get better :(

Getting a bit fatter up top

Some beads broke. I kept smashing them on things in the stockroom at work, when I wore my hair down. But then I noticed the kinks, and
realised it was probably for the better anyway. I took some, well most, out.

Moved to Uni. 9 Months - 1 year.

I moved to Uni to study for a BA in FA Photography.
It is muchos fun. But I don't use my skills for mugshots of my face.
(I feel I should point that out, because people are often rude about my work, because
they think the best I can do is snapshots on a compact...pfft.)
I went through new beads, and hair dye! I also went through massive shrikage dilemmas, because I hate having hair short. And to me, shoulder length is short.
(it was past my bum as a kid!)

A Large format camera, for my proof :)
This is what I do, and it is fun.

I missed my cat Ronnie (one fo three).

It was about here I first really noticed the shrinkage.

This headband fit for like, a week and then my hair got too fat.
(I did buy it from a kids shop, thugh).

They got a bit fatter. No longer pencilly!

Even fatter!

Then it was Autumn (about 10/11 months here)~

Close up on a Nikon D200. (Ignore the band! It was mistake...o_0 )

Dead freckly! It was still quite warm, even though it was autumn, and Britain (heh).

I then cut the end of my finger off. And had to have it bandaged.
I wasn't allowed to get it wet, so naturally...

I dyed my hair with it. (Freshly dyed in pic).

(FOLLOW THAT BEAD- it travels.)

You can see the different lengths a bit here...

By now, they are quite solid little things....

And shorter than they used to be.
I think they started growing again around this point.

And of course, I got a bit posey when they started going wavy crazy.

Then they hit 1 year!

And it was winter-spring. So 1 year- 1 year 4 months..

It snowed. Snow is like Gold-dust in the Midlands.

I trimmed a few ends. God knows why, it looked awful.
This was easily fixed, I just trimmed random choppy bits out of the ones I trimmed, and re-palmrolled in into shape.

They grew a bit.
And the dye lasted for nearly 6 months. Even thought it was meant to wash out after 12 washes, and I washed everyweek.

I rounded the ends on impulse. I kept it for...6 hours. I didn't like the length,
but mostly I didn't like the look compared to my natural endies.

1 year 4-6 months.

I got bored and bleached it.

The boyfriend^

But that didn't last long because I didn't like the colour muchos. I just found the darkest shade of brown and dyed over after about 2 months.
1.6 - 2 years.

Unfortunately, the majority of pics from the earlist parts of this time are lost/on someone else's PC/not taken. Partly due to summer holidays,
going away places and falling out with friends, getting a bit down etc etc. But I shall do my best...

I brought some Cyberlox. They're great. They're slightly longer than others I have seen so covered my shorter dreads fine.
Very coolness may I say.

I made my friend, Chris some beauties at some point in the summer (not sure when):

It took 6 hours...


By summer they were not only fatter but also longer, and I got called "medusa head" and "pirate lady" by small children.

(A pirate party I went to, a few months previous!)

I moved into a house with my boyfriend and our friend.
Our friend moved out (we discovered he was an idiot shortly after)

Quite fat by this point.

They were also well in need of Maintainance.

(so was the bedroom)


Handy maintainance tools. I have a compltete system worked out for maintaining my dreads.
It's just finding the time to do it.
I sould point out at this time that after about 1 year I stopped doing anything to my dreads at all. No palm rolling, wraps etc, only the odd beads for
the 'looks' and this bi-monthly maintainance.

Getting longer...

I went to see the legend that is Bill Bailey with Jake (boyfriend.)

Here is Bill being beamed back upto his homeland.

I removed and old glass bead. This is the damage done.
I only have one left at this point. And it's the traveller...

I wait for some of these hairs to grow so i can make mini dreads but it doesn't go to plan all the time.

Mini Dread gone wrong.

I made this mini dread out of loose nape hair.
It was doing well until I discovered one day...

It had wrapped itself round a dread, then started binding to another..and causing beavery type distasters.

So I chopped 'im off. (ignore the fluff, it wasn't on my head lol)

My only Poo dread. or so i thought....

Another one appeared! These both occured naturally...I think it's becasue they are the ones directly
above my ears, and they rub on my shoulders, which I suppose would cause them to round.

I added some felting.

Saw the last of my undreaded ends dread up (finally!)
Remember foks: Patience is a virtue! it WILL happen!

They began to change colour...

Whats that I see? Cotton! (Quickly removed after seeing this!)

aaand shrank a bit more...

This is my fattest fatty

and my second fattest fatty...next to my thumby.

I think I hit about 2 years at this point...
2 years - now (2 years, 2 months)

They got sticky out mad before the 2 yr mark. But now they are softer, fatty tubular dreads.

This is norbert. He hangs in the middle. He used to be really thin at the top (does anyone remember my post?) but I managed to rescue him without combining.
But he still hangs in the middle, regardless of what I do. :(

This is what we do in our house.

And this is Nigel. The cat that comes to our house for food.

Blue felting.

Multi coloured felting

Most of the felting is gone now. It's either come out by itself or I picked it out (i'm bored of it really).

My ear. (thats dust inside btw)

They're a bit fluffy atm, got some frizzies. However, they aren't green like the pic suggests.

My friend a piece of my work.

This is their current length, just about....

AND< remember the bead....

Here it is now!!!

(a reminder of before so you don't have to scroll...)


Just about at the two year mark I decided enough was enough, and I had to do something about my shaggy birdsnest.
The mess:

Like I said, I have system. It involves the use of elstics, bright ones so I don't forget to take them out, a felting needle,
a big eyed needle and some scossors.
I wont go into massive detail, because I'm sure you know the majority of what goes on.

I section my dreads into their own quadranys with the bands, so I don't mumbojumbo the loose hair into the wrong dread.

Then, pick my first victim. Remove band, gather loose hair, sew it in, and a dab of felty to keep it secured.
Basically thats about it. I have a few tricks up my sleeve but they are my secrets :)

It takes a good few hours though.

I also have a clean scalp. I keep this to prove so to those ignorant folk who think dreadheads are dirty, flea ridden pests with subbuteo players stuck in their hair.

Tidy roots after maintainance.

And thats about all folks. Pretty much upto date, if a little patchy, but you get the gist. You probably also have square eyes from
having to read this far down. But congrats if you did!

I hope you enjoyed my procrastinating!

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