lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

multiple updates

prinzessin came down recently for her first round of maintenance, nearly a year after i started her dreads. her page on my site has been updated with some pretty impressive before & afters.

as many of you have pointed out in past posts, her boyfriend looks very much like my boyfriend. so i was pretty stoked when she said ranna would be joining her on her trip. we got the boys together, & i took about a thousand pics. the most similar ones are right here:

& of course, they had to be jellyfish together. recall my original pic first:

then the new ones. the best part is that the hoods match the dreads. :D

metal jellyfish.

& finally, my dreads hit six months on april 29th. yes, my hair grows absurdly fast.

my roots are awesome & i heart them. of the minor problems i have when i start a set of dreads on myself, roots have NEVER been an issue.

i can finally almost fit them into a ponytail:

we just moved into a new apartment, & i put my webcam on for a day to track the sun's motion so i can place art where it won't be faded. of course i completely forgot i'd done this, & so the cam snagged a bunch of pics of me. some were interesting, so i figured i'd show you kids.

btw, i'm setting up the xbox360 & ps2 in that last pic, not staring mindlessly at the tv from two inches away :)


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