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It's been a while since I had any new pictures to post because as I think I mentioned before, I let a friend borrow my camera and he broke it. I'm sending it off for repairs soon, but until then I am photo-less. This is not a happy thing for me.
Anyhow, my friend Jony moved back to Spain on Friday, so Thursday night we had grand adventures and took lots of pictures.

My dreads hit six months on April 20th, by the way. I feel like it's definitely time to do some maintenance but I suck with crochet hooks.

This was the first of many "goodbyes" over the course of the day.

I really don't do well with having my picture taken. I can never decide what my face should look like so it usually ends up in some sort of weird transitional expression.

Two of my favorite people in the world - the Spaniard and the Jew.

Then we got lost in the sketchiest neighborhood in the city on our way to find John Lennon's house.
I was very happy when I realized I knew where I was.

(Oh, and that dread that's right on the top in the back is my worst enemy. It seriously hates me and wants to make my life miserable. The top and bottom are locked up fine, but the middle is loose and terrible and constantly wraps itself around my industrial bar to the point that sometimes I cannot get it off without trimming a few hairs. I want to chop it off.)

And then wee found John Lennon's house!

720 S. Ocean Ave. He and Yoko lived there for a while in 1980, shortly before he died.

We got weirded out tromping around Palm Beach island at midnight, so we took our party to the beach.

The flash was sooo bright.

Apparently the camera flash alerted a passing police officer who came and kicked us off the beach. Palm beach is really lame and has an 8 o'clock curfew.

By that time I had to take Jony back to his parents, so it was time to say the real goodbye.

It's really strange to say goodbye to someone when you know there's a possibility you'll never see them again.

Regarding my dreads - the only maintenance I HAVE been doing is some minor palm rolling/root rubbing, and I've been rip-n-twisting my loose ends. It seems to be helping a little and some of my ends are finally locking up. =)

So that's my story.
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