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A timeline...

I was going to do a timeline at 1 year. It didn't happen. So I thought I'd do one at a year and a half. Again, didn't get round to it. But I feel like doing one today. My dreadies were born on 1st September 2006, and started off at the grand total of 77 before I joined a few together within the first couple of months, ending up with 69. Without further ado...

(Click for bigger pictures!)

Before dreads - April 06 (with Idris, my fantastic Bridge Aquila :D)

Finally finished after 17 hours (over 4 days) - 1st September 06

Morning of my brother's wedding after a dye job the night before - 28th October 06. My mum hooked 'leaves' from a craft shop onto my hair.

December 06 - Trying to look half-tidy for a symphony concert...

January 07 - I scanned my hair (as one does, of course...)

19th January 07 - dodgy quality webcam picture

March 07 - beginning to look a bit less scruffy...

I defy anyone with dreads to honestly say they haven't done this. Straight after a job interview (hence the smart shirt). I didn't get the job btw, heh. Around June 07.

Another June 07 one, just after a dye job! Semi-permanent, mind you.

On the London Underground a couple of days before seeing Aerosmith at Hyde Park, June 07.

At the festival itself (it rained all day!)...

And a view from above as we all check our mobiles.

Fiddling for someone via webcam, September 07 (about a year old!). This is Klaus, by the way. :-)

October 07, and finally beginning to look somewhat like dreads instead of fluffy tangles...

November 07, another scan. I have a feeling this might not show up on darker monitors, apologies if that's the case.

My symphony orchestra one year on... December 07.

February 08. I actually think they looked quite good here, if I say so myself. They're up and down with 'neatness' all the time, so any ups are a good thing. :P

And finally, snow! Earlier this month! It hasn't snowed anything like this since I was about 8! And as for being actually that deep, I don't think it's ever done that here! As much as I love being by the sea (I'm on a little peninsula next to Portsmouth), we do miss out on snow. :-(

Tada! Like I said, they're up and down all the time. Still lots of straggly ends, still lots of loops (which I think are here to stay, now), and still lots of loose fluffy hair that I'm struggling to keep up with. But I think it's been the longest lesson in patience I've ever had, and I can't really complain about that. :-)
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