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natural dread question

Hey everyone!
Some of you might remember me as the girl who had the god-awful parent problems with her dreads a few months ago.
I ended up combing my dreads out about two months ago, mainly because I couldn't take my mother telling me how I would 'never be beautiful again'. I stayed at home, but I have plans! I have some $$$$ saved up, and as soon as the school semester is over, I'm moving out of my house to go live with my friends up North! It's not so much the dreads, it is just that things are not working out with my parents, myself, and my schooling. Their idea of how I should live my life, and how I want to live it are not adding up, and we are constantly fighting. Also, they refuse to accept the fact that I want to be able to live my youth and possibly take a year off from school. So off I'll go, and I plan on starting my second set of dreads after I move out. Anyways, that aside, I do have a question about dreads! I'll cut this for length and for some pictures.

I have been seeing many of my friends who have gorgeous natural dreads, and I've started to wonder if perhaps natural dreads are the way to go. My hair is still curly at the roots and for a few inches below the roots(it's growing!) and relaxed and straight for the rest of my length. I've been thinking about not brushing my hair ever since I returned from a trip to Santa Barbara, where the ocean managed to make it's way into my hair, and I've loved the texture so much, I haven't brushed my hair for the past four days. I do need to wash it however, and I'm curious: for those of you who have natural dreadlocks, did you condition your hair in the formative years? I know that natural dreads have to be washed and kept clean the same as normal dreads do, but can you use conditioner if you didn't comb or brush your hair afterwards? Because my hair is still relaxed(for the most part) it needs to be conditioned sometimes. I'm just wondering if conditioner would detract from the locking process of natural dreads.

And since I don't want to leave you all with nothing, here's some pictures of my very beautiful friend Sam.
His hair has been knotting naturally since October of last year, and here's the result:

Sam(high as shit)

sam and marlee high as shit
Had to sneak that one in there....

As far as I know, the only thing he uses on his dreads is some hemp shampoo and frequent salt-water baths. Those lucky surfers.....
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