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New Girl

 At the climbing wall on campus today, a girl with fresh dreads came in and started climbing next to wear I was standing. I asked her how old they were and she said a day. Anyway, I saw she used wax and I told her she doesn't want to do that and she shouldn't put any more in. She says, "Well, I got it from (guy that has had dreads for three years that climbs)." I was thinking it doesn't matter who gave it to you, it's not good. 
I wasn't being bitchy, either. I was all friendly advice/voice of experience when I told her about buildup and how she won't be able to wash the wax out and that it actually hinders friction needed to knot. She just rolled her eyes and igored me like I was an idiot. She just was like, "Yeah, well, that's not what I heard" like I don't know what the fuck I"m talking about. I mean...on this community I've heard testimony from probably close to 100 people not to use it and she listens to one guy. 
Damn, it's her problem if her dreads are gross!
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