Witchiebunny (witchiebunny) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Just thought this was interesting..

From the Knotty Boy Website (Emphasis mine):

"Those who have dreadlocks that need some good lovin', this service provides grooming, tightening, frizz-management, and general freshening up with our fabulous Knotty Boy dreadlock products. Got dreads that are broken, too thick or thin, bumpy, or loopy? Major dread repair is our specialty"

So apparently not only are they loading people's hair with wax that inhibits the dreading process, but when people's hair manages to fix itself and begin to dread naturally and healthfully, they can "Repair" this???

Holy crap.

The funny thing is, just above this statement is a picture of a guy who looks like he might be close to losing a lock from thinness at the root...and he's just had their maitenence done!
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