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Tightening dreads?

I swear, I looked through the memories but I didn't see it! So, I put it to all of you: is there a way to tighten dreads that are, well, fuzzy? I've had mine since last September and while the ones on the front and sides of my head are looking full of awesome, the clump of hair in the back refuses to knot up. I've got little dreads and want to keep that throughout my head, but the back refuses to tighten up; it's a mess of hair and it's frankly annoying me. Given that I don't have anybody who can help me out with it and am not especially limber, is there a way to get what sections I do have to tighten quickly? I've heard of salt water helping but I've been using that DreadheadHQ salt spritz stuff and it does jack diddly squat.

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