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4 month update

my dreads' 4-month anniversary of post-conceptional existence/my dreads' four month birthday
my recent life:

its been 4 months.
my 2 month update can be found at:
and my 3 month update can be found at:

notes on maintenance from the last month:
wax free
wash one or twice a week with knottyboy shampoo
crocheted once or twice
palm rolled once a week
clockwise root-rubbing 2 or 3 times
re-rip-and-twisting the ends of dreads sometimes when i feel like it.

the two questions:
should i be root-rubbing? (i hear it causes breakage but i dont do it often)
should i be re-doing my loose ends? (i dont even think i should, but its tempting sometimes).

now on to the pictures...

the original tallbike (more at

we found two more bike frames

andrew... the master of every craft, hard at work:

pretty close to being done:

the night it was finished we went for a ride:

on a different occasion, me and my ladyfriend decide to have lunch in the forest:

the ladyfriend:

i will stab you with grass...

i made two applications of bleach in the last 5 days.
my original hair is black so after the first application it turned orange,
and after the second application it just turned a brighter orange..
so i'll probably do a third application sometime soon...
(im trying to achieve blonde).
you can see it in the comparison photos below.

. front left right back
2 months
3 months
4 months

the right side of my head is kicking ass.
the left side is major fuzzy and needs major maintenance.
thats pretty much all i've got for now.
i don't really do a whole lot of dread maintenance anymore because i fear that working on it will produce adverse affects.
and i also don't really take a whole lot of pictures anymore either because pictures of myself depress me (i'm still dealing with skin problems, its getting better but it still drives me to depression quite often. i only share pictures where the scarring shows up less, such as the ones above)

its all strange and beautiful
let there be nothing but gratitude in our hearts.
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