Susan (ccharliee) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

kitties and hair

I'm bored so I thought I'd contribute to the the latest trends...

my new kitten, Oliver, with my sneaker
(my shoes are pets too, shh :P)

And big mommy Zoe with the baby...
my dog loves everyone and everything

I also have two gerbils named Maximum Raisin and Fruit-to-Go,
ang a old cranky cat named Ruby who hates everything. :)

Someday I'll have nice photos of my hair...SOMEDAY...heheh.

Also, a funny story from work earlier.
I work in a department store, and tonight I served a lady with a little girl. The little girl was maaaaybe three years old, and she was very cute, with little pigtails. She didn't take her eyes off me the entire time I was serving her mom, and then out of no where she pointed straight at me and asked "Mommy, is that a GIRL?" Her mother was absolutely horrified, and said that it was because the little girl watches American Idol and always thought Jason Castro was a girl, and didn't understand why he had 'hair like that' if he was a boy...

Anyway, I laughed for a while over that, it was too funny. :P
(yes, I am a girl)

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