lellophant (lellophant) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

no poo recipes.

so there's one of the very famous posts on how to go shampoo free.
i tried it yesterday and it made my head feel better than ever and i wanna kick the shampoo.
though sifting through the memories i've found different recipes and methods to do this. (soaks, pastes, sprays, squirt bottles of vinegar, etc)
for anyone who uses baking soda/apple cider/what have you, what is your particular routine/recipe?
the one post has me paranoid that i'll add too much and make my hair dry and brittle.

i just dumped about a cup in a washbasin and rolled around in it. let it sit for about half an hour and rinsed with water.

and just so this is not text only here are a few pictures from a get together a few weeks ago:

our house is full of love? it's a pretty house from what little can be seen?
i can now wear my hair up. it's growing slow but it's getting there.

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