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i know this has nothing to do with dreads, but i thought all of you dread-heads & dreadie-lovers might appreciate some pix of my re-worked tats!! enjoy!! ~:-]

the sacred heart on my stomach; this tat was the first tat i got & is very special to me coz i got it in memory of my mum.. i wanted to get it done in a place that i would see it every day & spend a moment to think about her.. the banner across the heart reads, "HAZEL" my mum's name..

you know you heart my chubba-wub tummy!

my cherub wings & red cookie cutter star.. in this pic you can see my cherub wings.. between then is a crown of thorns & within that crown of thorns, the japanese symbol for HOPE.. i got this tat to remind myself that regardless of how tough & uncomfortable life can be at times, if you always have hope then you can learn to overcome whatever stands in your path..

i have wnigs, now can i fly away?

my red cookie cutter star; i thought up the idea for this tat, while i was at Lilith Fair in Atlanta, GA.. the idea stuck with me & i eventually got it turned into a tat!!

more than all the stars in the sky..

</p>another pic of my red star & cherub wings

tattoo love!!

yet another pic of my cherub wings..

i wish i could fly right outta this window!!

</p></p>and an older sexy back pic taken by my bebe; you can see my lower back tattoo.. it is written in my special script writing & reads ~*JADED*~

i is sleepy-style

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