debutante (sammydebutante) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

My itty bitty babies

I posted a little bit ago about my boyfriend's silky hair-we saturated it in salt water and my friend (who has never dreaded but is an absolute natural) and I took him to a coffee house and attacked his head with a bunch of back combing, and now they actually look like dreads! I'll get a picture when he's not camera shy!

And so it's not text only...

One dread anddd
Dread two. (shitty picture, thanks hormones for the chin spots, smoking outside in the rain for the brushable hair and a long night of karaoke for the greasy eyes!!!)

I got them because I've been a SI for about 4-5 years now, I was going good for a few months. I'd gotten a tattoo near my hips to remind myself not to cut and to love myself instead, but after a brutal family fight where my mom told me (at 17) to move the fuck out of her house, I cut a lot again. I got the two babies to give me another new start. I'm getting a full head when I get to cosmetology school and my aline has grown out!
edit: I'd like to say that I think gudu is thee most welcoming and sweet community on LJ. Bravo, dreadies :)
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