lessthantristan (lessthantristan) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Visiting San Diego

Hi all,

I've visiting San Diego (i'm from Australia) for work and am wondering if anyone knows anywhere good there where I can do some shopping for head bands and tams and head cleaning products etc. I'm staying in Old Town and have no way of getting around except for public transport, so the closer to there the better (unless getting somewhere else on public transport is easyish). Also, if anyone knows any good food places and nice relaxed pubs/bars (i'm not a nightclub goer) around that area that i can waste my evenings away in, that'd be awesome.

I'll be in San Diego from tomorrow (the 16th) till next friday (the 23rd), but this weekend may be the only time i have to run around during the day (I'll be out at UC-San Diego during the days).

I'm also going to see The Dresden Dolls thursday night! can't wait :)

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