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formal wear+breakage scare

hi everyone :) so I'm attending a formal occasion this saturday evening and am having a really hard time figuring out what to do with my hair!
yesterday I decided to try a new method of deep cleaning and I think it worked, although as I first began to dry my babies I thought I had done major damage and caused all sorts of breakage!
I'm probably over reacting a little but I still made an attempt to take a picture of this to show you guys and find out if anyone else gets this..

all those small hairs sticking out have a little follicle looking white tip..

this picture shows the biggest follicle looking breakage I'm talking about

but really, I found it on all the dreads.. :(

as for what I did to my hair (which may have been too harsh) is use the deep cleaning recipe of baking soda, salt, tea trea oil and lemon juice with a little water in a bottle. Then I rinsed with tea trea oil mixed with dr.bronners and water. The baking soda mix was a little hard to use because the baking soda kept settling to the bottom and felt like a scrub on my dreads. I think the soak is better and I will do that next time for sure... lesson learned!

on a lighter note, here are pictures of some of the hair styles I've worn to previous formal occasions. Mostly waxed so they lay down nicely or pulled back in a cute way.

new year 07

formal - may 07

this is the way I styled my hair pulled back once but that accessory doesn't match my dress =\

any suggestions on how I could style my hair to go with this dress??


one more for good luck ^_^
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