cavale (absurdsublime) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

One Month and One Week Old

So here's my progress so far. This is one month and one week. I've been using rubber bands at the roots and leaving them there for a few days till the roots seem tighter and then snapping them out. Same goes for stray pieces of hair, which I have a lot of, but I only band the ones that are really big and glaring and annoying. I palm roll every day and wash about as often as I did before the dreads which is about once a week or so.

Most of it is backcombed, but there's a big chunk in the back on the side w/o the hemp that are natural because I never got around to backcombing them and they started knotting themselves.

These are random pictures from my birthday, so the quality varies. Most of them were taken by my boyfriend, who, despite his many natural talents, can not take a picture to save his life, which is why I'm not in focus in a couple of them.

And this is Sam. He's also a dread-head. I can't really tell you how old his are, because he just sort of kept meaning to condition/comb out his hair and never got around to it, until finally he just decided to go for dreads. His hair is absolutely perfect for dreadlocks. It's their natural state and he's been fighting it his whole life. So the front half of his head is backcombed and the back is all completely natural.

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